Description of the customer register of Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy

We take care of the privacy and protection of personal data of our customers. This privacy description tells what information Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy collects.

Register holder

Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy
Angervontie 8, 04260 Kerava, FINLAND
+358 45 164 7722

Name of the register

Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy’s customer register

Purpose of the register

The customer register is maintained for customer relationship management. We only collect personal data that are necessary for implementing our services and marketing communications.

Composition of the register

The register is compiled from Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy’s customer information system, and the information is maintained through manual updates. Information is obtained from the Customer themselves or from the customer company’s website.

Processing of registered data

The register stores information about the Customer’s contact person for communication between the Customer and Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy. The register contains the following information.

Information contained in the register

The register contains the following information about the Customer:

  • name
  • professional title
  • work phone number
  • workplace address
  • work email

Everyone has the right to demand correction of incorrect information in the register or to check their own information. The request can be made by email or text message:

  • +358 45 164 7722

Data protection

Personal data is kept confidential. They are stored on protected servers, which are inaccessible to outsiders, and, if necessary, filed in a file folder as paper versions. File folders are kept in a locked filing cabinet.

The information on paper is stored for the statutory period or if the material is needed in service production. After this, the information is destroyed with a paper shredder.

Server data is stored for the statutory period or if the material is needed in service production. Emails containing personal data are deleted every six months.

The information is not passed on but remains only with the register holder.

The Customer has the right to refuse the processing of their data for marketing purposes.

Updates to the Register Description

Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy päivittää tätä tietosuojakuvausta tarvittaessa uusilla versioilla.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our privacy description or how Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy uses personal data, feel free to contact

Phone: +358 45 164 7722

1.5.2023 / Versio. 1.1