Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy

Saving from waste management since 2013

Our company, Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy, founded in 2013, is impartial, uncommitted, and focused on streamlining waste management and rationalizing operations. This means that we are 100% independent and always act in the best interests of our customers.
Long-term partnership with our customers is of primary importance to us, and we want to be a wholly reliable partner for them.

Our company’s founder and CEO, Pekka Soini, has extensive 34-year expertise in the waste management industry. His experience includes various transportation tasks, nationwide transport contract sales and organization tasks, technical collection system target design and sales tasks, and expert tasks for industrial, commercial, and real estate sectors.

Our company’s motto is “saving from waste management, ” reflecting our essential role as a provider of expert services. We help our customers achieve cost, time, space, and environmental savings in their waste collection solutions.

Our Staff

Sawa – Pekka Soini

Pekka Soini

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Customer Relationship Management
Sawa - Tuija Soini

Tuija Soini

Office manager
Business support
Sawa – Olli Soini

Olli Soini

Service Contact
Target Mapping

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