Savings on waste management costs

Waste consulting company Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy offers unbiased expert services for industrial, business, and property companies in contract matters related to procuring services and collection equipment using a turnkey service model.

SAWA = savings in costs +
reduction in environmental load

Our mission is to investigate, put out to tender, and highlight the best cost options, collection methods, and operators in the field and region so that you can make decisions based on accurate information.

Our goal is to offer our customers optimal waste management solutions that are economically sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Waste management is not always just a matter of cost

A precise analysis of the cost structure of waste management can reveal potential profit opportunities. Efficient waste management contributes to business profitability growth while reducing the environmental load's impact.

Our customers have seen cost savings of at least 30-50%

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Operational model of Jätekonsultointi Sawa Oy

A four-step process to optimize waste management

  • 1. step

    Savings Plan

    Based on current waste management, a more efficient waste management plan is made, and annual savings are estimated.

  • 2. step

    Competitive tendering and comparison of offers

    Annual savings are confirmed with customer-specific, researched waste management offers.

  • 3. step

    Contract drafting

    Ensure waste management price adjustments based on annual savings with new/updated and detailed contracts.

  • 4. step

    Guidance and supervision

    Cost adjustments are implemented by guiding and supervising their adoption at the sites.